How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Love

February 8, 2021

You have someone in your life that you want to shower with love this Valentine’s Day. That’s amazing! But gift-giving or planning a celebration can be really tough at times! Where you are in your relationship and how your loved one likes to be loved makes a big difference in what they’d actually like to be given (if anything!) for this holiday. Show them you know them by asking, learning, and understanding their love language to guide the celebration!

The Five love languages are:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

Although it may be quite apparent what both of your love languages are, it doesn’t hurt to take the Love Language test here so you both have a great idea of what will make your partner feel most loved, because as wild as it sounds what makes you feel loved, may not make your significant other feel super loved – so speak their language!

Words of Affirmation

This person will love sentimental gifts detailing your love and affection for them! Do you love their sense of humor? Use your gift to tell them that! Write them a poem of all the things you adore about them, fill a jar with 100 reasons you love them, or simply put sticky notes all over the place they’ll find for months that’ll make them smile and feel loved. In short – tell them what you think of them. Not only will it make them smile, but it won’t break your bank.

Acts of Service

This love language will want a gift you can likely prepare in advance quite a bit. Clean the whole house, fill their car with gas, and make them a sweet breakfast in bed! This love language loves actions over words – very different from words of affirmation. They’d rather have someone show them love by saving them time and energy instead of hearing “I love you”.

Receiving Gifts

This one is a person who would appreciate the traditional jewelry, flowers, or chocolates. Treat Valentines as a smaller Christmas. What items excite this person? Do they enjoy purses or ties? If you are completely lost on what to get your date, no worries! Easily solved. A “shopping spree” to their favorite store or a peek at their Amazon cart can typically remedy any uncertainty. The key here is to show them that you know what they like.

Quality Time

There are so many directions you can take quality time. You can adventure together, experience something new, or spend a quiet afternoon watching their favorite movie (again). You likely know if your significant other would prefer plane tickets or a walk in the park, but if you feel lost, they’d probably love telling you something they’d love to do with you to feel connected.

Physical Touch

Throughout the day, make sure to kiss them often, hold their hand, have good (you know ;)) and surprise them with a massage. If you’re relaxing at home, put your arm around them. If you’re out and about, don’t be shy with PDA. Put your arms around the often and let them FEEL your connection.

In short – everybody’s different and knowing someone well enough to understand what they’d enjoy doing or receiving to celebrate Valentine’s day is something anyone could appreciate to enjoy the day together. Also keep in mind that people often are mixtures of multiple love languages. Everybody is so different, so if you are completely and utterly lost, something that never fails is opening the lines of communication to understand one-another more. Find and do something you both love that’ll speak to each of your languages to both feel fulfilled and happy this Valentine’s Day. Have fun celebrating!