NYC Couples Shoot on the Edge of The World

December 11, 2020

Some photographers go to New York to grab photos of the Empire State Building. Some prioritize photos in Rockefeller Center. Me? Well after living there one summer I’d experienced all the “typical” sightseeing outings. So what do I do then? I get photos on a glass cliff suspending a couple over the entire Skyline. Some could call it: a shoot on the edge of the world. That’s what.

I’d met Emily back in her sorority days at the University of Arizona. Turns out, she was now a local New Yorker! She and her guy, Justin were both down for a photo shoot as we learned that the Edge on NYC had just opened back up after restrictions from COVID began to ease up.

We snagged some tickets and snapped a couple photos in front of one o the most magnificent views I’d ever seen of New York City. We’d even say the views were better than that of both the Empire State Building AND Rockefeller! Let me know what you think while taking a look at these photos!