What it took to Find the Big, Perfect Portland Arboretum

October 17, 2020

The Pacific Northwest was such an adventure with all the Shoots that we got to do. From A Cannon Beach shoot, followed by a surprise beach bridal shoot you can read about here, to the tall grasses of Seattle you can read about here. It’s been such a whirlwind to see such spectacular places that I couldn’t begin to imagine or see anywhere else. On top of it all, I get to capture the original, beautiful love of so many fun-loving couples in these cities. Best. Job. Ever.

Now, someone can’t simply go to Oregon and only see one half of it’s beauty, so after our beach sessions, I set off to find a forest location among the winding roads in the mountains. My alma mater, the University of Arizona has given me so many friends and connections, so I met up with an old friend, Megan and her boyfriend, Erik. We found this stunning arboretum and took a long drive through to find the perfect spot.

It began to get dark a bit quicker than expected while searching for that spot we envisioned, so we made do with what we had available and I’m honestly ecstatic with the outcome. Last minute, a couple spots jumped out at us and we got those perfect shots. On our way back, I had an idea while driving on the winding roads. We pulled over and actually used the beautiful road surrounded by greenery to our advantage!

This session was an amazing way to use what we had available to us, and make the best of an unexpected situation. There is beauty in all of our surroundings – especially when you have a beautiful couple ready to have fun in any setting they’re put in. Here’s how they turned out:


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