What Wedding Gown Will Actually Look Good on You?

October 12, 2020

There are millions of dresses and thousands of designers out there! It can be overwhelming and easy to follow trends. But truthfully, because there are so many options, you have the ability to pick a gown that is not only timeless, but suits your individual personality, style, and will be something you can love forever! Picking your perfect gown consists of understanding your body and knowing what shape and style works well on your frame. Sounds like a lot? Don’t worry, we broke down every step for you!

Define Your Body Type

***Disclaimer – There are, of course, so many more body types than what we have listed. This section is meant to help with finding where to begin your dress search since there are so many options and to help increase the likelihood of you feeling like the goddess you are when starting your wedding dress search – not restrict you to a particular style of dress based on your body type. Hope you enjoy!

Bodies come In all different shapes and sizes. So… which one is yours? And what looks most flattering on it? Yes, there are outlines that can flatter your body type – what ever that type is!

When you look in the mirror and take an extra step back, you’ll be able to get a better look at the entire frame of your body and determine the following traits to figure out your shape:

Source: http://www.sizecharter.com/fashion-and-style-tips/find-your-body-shape
  • Pear = Wide hips in comparison to a more narrow chest + upper body.
  • Rectangle = A more athletic build. Lacks cinch or curve in waist with equal upper and lower body.
  • Strawberry/Inverted Triangle = Like the pear, but flipped. More defined and broad upper body with smaller hips.
  • Hourglass = Equal upper + lower body with cinched waistline, natural curve to accommodate chest and glutes. Named well, as the midsection reflects the shape of an hourglass.
  • Apple/Oval = Rounded out midsection that comes in to rejoin chest and glutes.

Like we said earlier, these are absolutely not the only body types out there! These are simply the most basic ones to keep our blog as relevant as possible without being excruciatingly long! So if you don’t see one that’s yours here, don’t sweat it!

Dressing your Body Type

Dressing to your body shape is so much more simple than you think! The media and society has taught women one simple thing – you want an hourglass shape. That’s it. Thats the secret. Because we grow up looking at feminine frames as an hourglass, when you look in the mirror at that dress fitting and see that outline on you, you often feel beautiful and confident in what your wearing!

Here is how to style your body type after identifying as one of the above:


Because of your wider lower body, we want to draw some attention to your upper body! Find a gown that draws the eye upward – this means shoulder pads, sleeves, or a fun texture! Let the bottom half of your gown be simple and long to de-accentuate your lower-half volume while showing off those gorgeous curves!


You are built like an athlete – how beautiful is that?! We love a strong woman. You should try a gown with something highlighting your waistline to give off a more feminine look for your big day. We know you look powerful AND feminine.

Strawberry/Inverted Triangle

Just like the pear shape, we are floofing up the smaller half of your body type to get that sought-after hourglass. You, my love, get to have fun with volume in your skirt. Brides tend to have the most fun in this ballpark, so get crazy with it! Tulle and texture seem to be the best way to draw that attention down even out your upper and lower half. For upper body, try a halter top for the top half of your dress! The shape it creates have the lines drawing inward and gives off the effect that your bust/shoulders are smaller.


If you are an hourglass, congratulations. You can keep your gown simplistic and can pull off almost any gown as long as it defines your curve – just be careful while shopping. That doesn’t mean everything will look good on you. Try to stick to a very coordinated dress with the same fabric/pattern on the top and bottom halves without going heavy on either one.


For this body type, it’s all about creating that waistline! Have fun with your gown. Try drawing attention away from the midsection with an off-the soldier look and a poofy skirt! Then just like the rectangle body type, wrap something around that midsection to create a gorgeous waistline!

We hope this helped you start your wedding gown dress search! Let us know if you went with a gown we suggested for your body type on Instagram at @jimmysonglove and @jimmysongcreative