Exploring Portland and Seattle in a Pandemic

September 25, 2020

During my first trip to the Pacific Northwest with a close friend of mine, after making my way through Oregon where I helped out a couple with their wedding photos on the Portland Coast, we headed up to Seattle, Washington to capture photos for Bailey and Chris. Bailey and I worked together previously at ASU when I worked a considerable amount with her sorority, Delta Zeta, so I was stoked to work with her again.

As most people know, 2020 has been a rollercoaster and the pandemic has made it difficult to resume daily life and it’s activities without ample monitoring and careful requirements. However, I didn’t expect just how locked down everything would be during our visit. Not only was every business in sight closed, but outdoor locations, venues, and quite popular statewide photo-taking locations were restricted and shut down! We had no idea what we were going to do for this shoot considering how widely locked-down the state seemed to be!

Instead, we found some natural beauty filled to the brim with shrubs, trees, and sunlight. It turned out better and more original than anything we could’ve captured in any of the other locations that had been shut down. After a fantastic photo shoot, Bailey and Chris (being the locals they are) knew of an outdoor dining restaurant we all were able to be squeezed into last minute and finish off the day on a delicious note.

Here are the beautiful, organic photos of Bailey and Chris from the day: