Elopement Inspiration Shoot in the Valley of Fire, Nevada

September 11, 2020

Here’s what the plan was: My friend Rhyannon and I were going on a road trip. She would fly out to LA and I would drive from San Diego to pick her up. Then we would drive through Nevada and road trip around Utah together while stopping to capture some gorgeous couples on the way. However, the beauty of life is that everything does not always go according to plan.

The first day of driving, I left San Diego, picked her up, and stopped by the Valley of Fire so I could photograph this beautiful couple – Kourtney and Ryan. Right when we hit the Valley of Fire, my car died. So there we were. No cell service. One-hundred degree heat. Dead car. Perfect. After 7-8 hours of driving, I didn’t think overheating was an issue, but Nevada had other plans.

After what we call “a driving break” when things began to get a bit blistering outside, we decided to just test out the car one last time before allowing ourselves to panic. IT STARTED!

We took a moment to be SO thankful for our luck. From there, we met up with the lovely Kourtney and Ryan, drove seamlessly, and found some amazing spots for them to strut their stuff for the camera. In my opinion, these pictures were beyond worth it! What do you think?