Wedding Lighting Ideas

June 27, 2020

The light source(s) on your big day directly affect the ambiance and feel of your wedding. Whether it be magical, romantic, bright, edgy, or comforting, you and your guests will be directly influenced by the feeling of your environment. The best way to influence your environment in your favor, is by light of course! We’ve created a list of some of the best light sources to make your day as you as you can!


What better way to get a clear view and inspire a bright future then the sun, herself?! Often couples time their big day to capture the sky at peak time of day when there’s a golden glow and a colorful sky as the sun either sets or rises for the day. This way, a couple can utilize different light sources to signify different parts of their day. For example, Getting married at or near sunset will ensure the sun is down when cocktail hour is over and a new light source can be used for the reception. Or less commonly, the other way around! Who wouldn’t love to get married in romantic candlelight then brunch with their loved ones at sunrise?! sounds like the perfect start to the perfect day! (Then you can use the rest of the day to either celebrate, do an activity, or travel to your Honeymoon destination!)


Candles casts a soft glow on it’s surroundings without blinding or overwhelming someone with it’s heat or light. It’s often used in dark restaurants for the sheer fact that its dim flame creates the perfect gold to make any environment feel romantic. It does just that at a wedding, but be careful if there’s little ones attending! The last thing you want at your wedding is an ambulance!

Also ensure that you abide by any safety restrictions your venue has regarding open flame. Most require glass surrounding a flame to prevent accidents from happening to your guests and the venue itself. This light source is a classic option, so your venue shouldn’t be surprised if you ask about any restrictions.


Whether they line the aisle, serve as centerpieces, or are hung sporadically, lanterns serve a similar, yet more versatile role to candles. Lanterns would likely be categorized as more “sweet” than romantic, however it’s all in how they’re implemented and added to the design. They can add more depth and texture to a space, but are also versatile in the sense that they can contain and protect a real flame or house a flame that looks real (but isn’t)!

String Lights

There’s a reason this light source is used as the main source for so many backyards and nighttime events. Not only are string lights a great way to create a strong enough light source to actually see your environment without blinding anyone, but it creates a similar image to looking up at the stars – but closer up. The image it creates leaves most people feeling the warm fuzzies and comfortable in the bright glow of each bulb. This is probably our #1 recommended light source for outdoor receptions and ceremonies when it’s dark out!


A popular choice for your guests to get excited and feel part of sending you off while lighting your path (Plus a fantastic photo-op)! As the people you love send you off, they can feel the spark they did on New Years as a child growing up to celebrate with you the same way. What better way to send you off in the sparks of love from your family and friends!?

This could also be a fun option for (older) kids attending your wedding if it’s outdoors! Your day should be fun for everyone! Sparklers are a great way to do just that!

Bon Fire/Fireplace

Is it going to be more of a casual affair as opposed to formal? A bonfire is a fantastic way to add some light for lawn games, enjoy some alcohol, or have some s’mores!

Fireplaces remind people of comfort – like staying warm during the wintertime or waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. Fireplaces – if offered at your venue – are perfect for creating that sense of comfort and happiness on your big day. (Plus, you could always put some sticks and marshmallows here too. S’more s’mores, please!

Neon Sign

Are you the party type? Edgy? Outside-the-box thinker? Maybe just wanting something unlike all the other weddings you’ve attended, but just as impressive? A neon sign is the newest trend for your wedding day! They can have whatever color you’d like, be hung virtually anywhere, and they can be completely customized! Couples can order them in their last name, wedding hashtag, Mr. + Mrs., the list is endless! More common places couples tend to put neon signs are:

  • A photo wall (Often within a greenery wall)
  • Behind/at the newlywed table
  • Over the cake
  • As a welcome sign
  • To signify the sweets table


What else is as majestic and classy, yet totally eye-catching other than a beautiful chandelier?! Total Beauty and the Beast vibes. This is a great way to make any event look more classy and elegant while using an actual light in the space. I mean, how “classy” would a floor lamp look? If you’re after the red rose, upscale, traditional day with elegant touches, a chandelier will brighten up your space in the perfect way! Plus you’ll be able to see where your cake is when you go to cut it!

These are some of the more popular options recently, but definitely not all of them! We hope this helps you and your soon-to-be spouse decide on how to light your night into your new marriage!