You’re Engaged! What Now?!

May 24, 2020

Congratulations on finding your forever someone! I bet you’re psyched to plan your dream wedding and live out those lifelong dreams. So now that someone has gotten down on one knee and you’re rearing and ready to go, you’re coming to the realization…. where do you even start?!

Wedding planning is one of the most beautiful (and stressful) things you’ll ever do. Because there’s so much that goes into it, it can be helpful to know just how to make the day you’ve been dreaming of for 20+ years a reality. So first things first!

Select Your Date and Venue

These two may seem strange to go hand-in-hand. But they do! First and foremost, create two lists:

  1. Select your top 5-7 dates you and your partner would like to get married
  2. Research and pick out roughly 5 venues to tour together

The reason to have so many dates selected is because when you’re touring the venues on your short list, and you find the one you completely fall utterly in love with, there’s a slim chance they won’t have your first-pick date available (or your second, third, fourth, etc.). By coming overly-prepared, you’re ensuring you can secure your dream location on a date you and your s/o have discussed and love just as much!

For dates, we’d love for you to seriously consider weekdays that work for you instead of weekends and looking into pricing during the off-season. September is notorious in the wedding world for being rarely sought-after and therefore having rock-bottom prices. The only way you could have even more savings is if you have a September weekday wedding! It could potentially save you thousands. Seriously.

Find your Photographer

Finding a photographer is so important to remembering your day. These are photos you’ll show family, friends, and children, so it’s necessary to find a photographer that captures the essence of how you want to remember your day!

Searching for your perfect photographer can be time consuming, but can be so much fun! Instagram is an amazing way to get the feel of photographer styles, lighting, and vibe. When you find the one you love and can see taking your photos, snag ’em! You should try to act quickly, which is why this is second on the to do list. Finding a great photographer is amazing, but only if they have your date available and live in or can travel to your area at the time you wed. So the sooner, the better. This allows your photographer to plan accordingly and reserve your day so no one else can swipe it before you!

Food and DJ

There’ve been numerous studies that say your guests’ overall experience is determined by mainly the music and the food. Guests tend to say they had a better time when the DJ knew what they were doing and played generally well-liked songs. The songs are only part of it, though! A happy tummy also indicates a good time! People often rely on how they feel physically to determine their experience, so the food is just as important to make the impression you’re after.

Throwing a good party is often a top concern of couples. After spending all that money and investing all that time, couples want their guests to have fun and enjoy the day as much as them! I mean, you want to hear about how perfect your day was to everyone, not what it was lacking. SO the best way to save a lot of stress and future headache is to get the interviews and taste-testing out of the way fairly early on when planning. Now you’ll know everyone will have a great time!

All the Details

We’ve created a master list of all the details to this of to finish of your planning and consume your time all the way up until the wedding day!

  • Color Scheme
  • Select Wedding Party
  • Cake
  • Bride + Groom Outfits
  • Wedding Party Outfits
  • Florals (Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Centerpieces, Flower Girl Petals, etc)
  • Decor
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Selecting Songs (If not done during your DJ meeting)
  • Booking Night-Of Hotel Stay
  • Honeymoon
  • Additional Sweets/Sweets Table
  • Guest Book
  • Cocktail Hour Games
  • Reception Schedule/Games/Dances

We hope this to do list helps you plan your perfect wedding! Of course there’s details that may be specific to your wedding, but after photographing and helping countless brides and grooms plan their day, we’re happy to help you plan yours and hopefully avoid the stress of wedding-planning altogether!