How to Pose on Your Wedding Day

May 24, 2020

Your wedding can be the most phenomenal, romantic experience you’ve ever had in your whole life, but if you don’t know how to pose, it may be hard to look back on and remember your special day as the perfect fairytale you thought it was.

When you see your pictures from your wedding day, you don’t want to notice how awkward you and your partner look trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t based solely off of how your photographer is directing you.

So, how do you prevent those… interesting photos? You practice of course! Practice your facial expressions in the mirror (laughing, smiling, serious, etc.), your poses with your significant other, and what feels natural for you.

Of course, you likely have no idea what a “wedding day pose” looks like besides seeing your cousin’s wedding facebook album. That’s why we wrote this post! We’ve gathered a solid list of go-to poses for all couples to perfect in the weeks (or months) leading up to their big day!

Touching Foreheads

Get the sweetest picture with your sweetie by giggling about how fun your day is so far and whispering about how funny your aunt Patti looks in the bodice she showed up in! Then whisper to one another how beautiful and serene your honeymoon will be, close your eyes, and imagine together what it’ll be like.

Kissing Under The Veil

Who doesn’t get a couple smooches in for their photo sesh on their wedding day?! Doing so under the veil gives it a more bridal, private vibe that feels cozier and more secretive – almost like you’re hiding from your guests to just be together. While under the veil, slowly, slowly lean in for a sweet kiss with your new forever partner! Your photographer will just die for those shots!

Walking Around The Venue

Here is the key for this one. Act like your drunk and giggly while bumping in to one another. This is a great way to get the perfect pictures of a couple who is just completely smitten! You’ll look crazy happy and like you’re not only in utter love, but also having the time of your life!

Throw The Dress

Who doesn’t love a dramatic moment? This is the time to get serious and display the most luxurious and important dress you’ll own! So show it off, friend! Throw or kick the bottom half in the air for some insane shots that family and friends will drool over.

The Hand Kiss

Tell your prince charming to treat you like princess for this shoot because you can easily snag that sweet, tender moment for your album! This pose can make any woman swoon (maybe because of the cartoons we watched growing up?). By having your spouse show their soft side and get vulnerable with you during this session, it can display how they’ll treat you in the relationship and how they’re willing to give you every side of themselves. But most of all, it shows the love and trust you two have built.

Once you get these poses down pat, all you have to do is pull them out of your back pocket during the photoshoot and let your photographer do the rest! Not only will you just love your photos when you get them back, but your photographer will love you! I hope this helped you get those perfect wedding day pictures you’ve always dreamed of and can help you look back on your wedding day the way you want to!