Styled Bridal Photos at the Captivating Salt Flats

October 2, 2020

During my road trip through Utah, I was blown away by the sheer beauty that the state presented. What better way to capture the diverse scenery than a styled bridal shoot? My friend Hannah happened to be local. Considering we’d travelled to Tokyo and Iceland together, I was sure she and her boyfriend would love to do this shoot with me. I knew Hannah was great in front of the camera, and although I’d never met him, I just knew she’d be with someone who was just as camera-ready.

After we got the group together, we began to drive with no destination in mind. The goal was beautiful bridal shots, but there were so many places to choose from, it felt more organic to simply go until a location felt right. We found the entrance to the salt flats and took advantage.

Upon entering, everything seemed brighter with the sun reflecting off the white sand. It was almost like we were in a warm winter wonderland with the snow-sounding sand crunching under our tires and the beautiful white salt dusting everything it touched – our cars mostly!

As the sun set, the scene came together and we got the most breathtaking shots of this gorgeous couple. Check them out below: