5 Tips To Get AMAZING Wedding Photos

July 21, 2020

1. Keep Your Bouquet at Your Belly Button

When there’s so much to focus on, brides and bridesmaids have a terrible habit of pulling their floral arrangement out to their side or floating out in front of them. The truth is, it just doesn’t look normal! The best photos that the ceremony can produce is if everyone holding a bouquet acts as though their thumbs are glued to their belly button! It may not feel the most natural, but it looks picture perfect!

2. Look at Each Other – Not the Officiant

Growing up, we were all taught that it’s polite to look at whoever is talking. SO it’d make sense that the same rules apply during a wedding, right? WRONG. The audience and the cameras want to see you and your partner looking deeply into one-another’s eyes soaking up the moments that you’re wed. If you’re looking at the person speaking for most of the ceremony, your officiant, the entire audience (and you once you get the photos) will have the loveliest view of the back of your head. I’m sure your hair looks just stunning for this occasion, but let your loved ones see the love on your faces so the camera can capture it too!

3. Use Your Surroundings

Using the things around where you take bridal portraits can help make viewers (even yourself looking back!) feel part of the moment and add more texture to the photo. In addition, you spent a lot of money to make this day what it is, so why not use some of what you paid for?

Here are some ideas:

  • Inside – Take pictures with curtains or windows, florals, Mr. & Mrs. signs, or even your champagne flutes.
  • Outside – Use decor from the ceremony space! Lanterns, signs, bouquets or surrounding greenery can be the perfect way to create a stunning contrast with your jazzy outfits.

All in all, Use whatever is in your environment that you love the look of!

4. Play with Your Outfits

Chances are, you spent all but an arm and a leg for your wedding day looks, so use them to your advantage! This is typically the perfect go-to for posing. Whether he’s messing with his outfit, she’s messing with hers, or you’re messing with each others, the shots that come from these activities are to die for!

Here are some ideas:

  • The groom puts his jacket on the bride
  • The bride or groom fix his tie or bowtie
  • Put the veil over both of you
  • The bride throws her dress
  • The bride and groom gather their outfits and run
  • The groom carries the bride’s train

There are so many more options than what we listed, so just do what feels right in the moment!

5. Act Like There Isn’t a Photographer

If all else fails, just be you! You two fell in love for a reason, so be the quirky, silly, or romantic couple you are when nobody is around! Talk to each other, stick your tongue out at each other, walk, run, jump, dance, have a smooch sesh, anything! You two will treasure having photos of your real-life relationship shining through, so grab your forever best friend and have a ball!

Let us know if you liked these tips and if they worked for you! Best wishes on your big day and have a happy forever!