Malibu, California Beach Photos That Are to Die For!

July 10, 2020

Amid all the chaotic times that COVID has brought, instead of wallowing in our homes, Chris, Sheila, and I decided to instead seize the day! After driving through the strangely empty Malibu highways (luckily cutting our drive time in half!), we made it to the beaches right before the 4th of July closures. The water was warmer than expected and made for the dreamiest beach photoshoot with the most beautiful couple!

I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘who are these beautiful people?!’ Well brace yourself, because they’re one heck of a couple! Handsome Australian, Chris, was previously a WWE wrestler while the gorgeous miss Sheila has passed the bar and is officially a lawyer! Lucky for me, she attended my alma mater, the University of Arizona. Together these two were fun, energetic and completely electric! While flying through all the 4-5 outfit changes, they remained positive, excited, and so much fun to work with!

I love having couples in front of the lens that have so much natural chemistry (and the fact that they’re just stunning together helps too!). What’s amazing is the way that any couple you put in front of the lease has a sort of energy between them that just can’t be replicated by another… It’s so interesting seeing two completely different people who come from such different backgrounds come together and form a sort of love this world has never seen before. That’s what I try to capture with my lens in every shoot.