Fall Wedding Inspiration for Your Big Day

June 12, 2020

Weddings this year are nearly all being pushed off to the fall time. Needless to say, 2020 brides and grooms have selected the shortest end of the stick when it comes to timing. But guess what? For all the couples who’ve decided to wait so they can throw a party and include loved ones in their day, you likely rescheduled for a stunning, cozy fall wedding day.

Fall weddings are notoriously favored by couples everywhere and filled with rich colors, cozy touches, and crazy cool themes! There are so many directions you can go with this versatile time to get married, so we’ve rounded up all of the beloved options that a fall wedding can bring! Although your day likely didn’t go as planned, we hope these ideas can help you get just as excited about your fall time celebration!

Color Schemes

Fall wedding color scheme
  • Deep tones – Some weddings don’t always need a specific 2-4 colors to abide by to create a charming ambiance. Choosing tones that all come together to compliment each other in everyday nature (especially in the fall when the tones deepen) can truly showcase the beautiful time of year without overtaking your wedding theme.
  • Neutrals – With fall comes a deep reminder of an appreciation for nature and her natural colors. Bringing all the taupes, creams, and browns will give an indoor wedding a comfortable outdoor feel.
  • Burgundy and Gold – The classic fall scheme! Although popular, is a fantastic way to hit all the necessities with metallic tones aligning with gold and linens aligning with the deep red, burgundy. This scheme also goes well with a plethora of other colors, allowing couples to include deep purples, blues, greens, or any color that suits them!
  • Burnt tones – Oranges, reds, and browns truly speak to the fall-time mantra. Many who wish to include pumpkins, hay, or tin go with this seasonal scheme to truly live in the spirit of fall.


  • Outdoor – With golden tones and gorgeous weather, autumn is prime time for an outdoor wedding – especially for those who wanted a spring wedding! The smells are crisp yet comfortable, and you have a huge opportunity to bring the colorful falling leaves into your big day!
  • Farmhouse – Among all the colorful decay outside, many couples love choosing a crisp white, rustic house to serve as a contrast and celebrate a white wedding on a blank canvas they can dress up however they’d like! Imagine a backyard wedding under a big, colorful tree or a reception room with a grand fireplace and french doors lining the walls. Farmhouses are dreamy, but become a rustic beauty in the fall.
  • Barn – Speaking of rustic, a great way to match and utilize the magical autumn tones is to hang twinkle lights and lanterns in a dreamy big, red barn! May as well bring those leaves in too, right?!


Fall wedding centerpiece
  • Rustic – This can be anything from metal frames to rusted planters and watering cans. If it’s a worn or vintage piece of metal, it passes the rustic test and is a fantastic addition to any fall-themed tablescape.
  • Pumpkins – What else screams fall more than the very mascot of the season?! When in Rome… er… fall, embrace the beauty of it!
  • Leaves – For a more natural look or outdoor reception, leaves are an amazing (and super affordable) decor idea! Because unlike money, they are quite literally growing on and falling off trees.
  • Lanterns – A beautiful lighting solution to create a romantic ambiance as the sun goes down earlier than we’re used to and display rich colors that a flame creates. Funny enough – it also happens to be incredibly similar to autumn tones in nature.


Fall wedding florals

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite in-season florals to top-off your fall wedding:

  • Chrysanthemum – Come in any color!
  • Celosia – Red, orange, + yellow
  • Purple Fountain Grass – Taupe
  • Aster – Gem tones
  • Dianthus – Red, white + purple
  • Black-Eyed Susan – Golden yellow
  • Snakeroot – White
  • Beautyberry – Purple


  • Halloween – From jack-o-lanterns to costume contests, some couples get super creative by wearing candy skull makeup on their big day or setting up a haunted house! Halloween is a fun theme that all guests can get into! Maybe you could even get them onboard for a zombie wedding? You never know!
  • “Fall” – Candles, plaids, blankets, pumpkins, hay, s’mores, and leaves. The “Fall” theme is meant to capture the feeling of sitting next to a big window on a crisp day with a candle and bundles in blankets galore! Or maybe visiting a pumpkin patch in the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Whatever fall means to you, run with it!
  • Golden – With a gold theme, you’ll feel like royalty sitting in a palace holing up gold chalices and looking upon gleaming gold decor! Take it a step further by telling your guests to dress in gold attire!
  • Pumpkin Patch – Going off of the “Fall” theme is the time before Halloween thats filled with family friendly fun! Apple picking, carving pumpkins, and outdoor activities is where it’s at in this theme!


  • Blankets – To have and to hold (in case you get cold!) Because let’s be honest, the season bordering Winter can get pretty chilly!
  • Hot Chocolate Bar – Another fun way to keep guests warm with some super sweet flavor!
  • Pumpkins – As decor and place cards. Honestly, wherever you you can put them!

No matter how you decide to throw your fall wedding, we’re sure it’ll be beautiful, but more importantly, YOU! The entire day is dedicated to celebrating your love. I mean, you’ve definitely waited long enough, so do it how you want! We’re sure it’ll be perfect if you stay true to you!

Fall wedding ideas