How to Get Married in a Quarantine

May 24, 2020

Some couples look upon their upcoming wedding day filled with an impending dread… No, not because their cold feet will take hold. But because they’ve heard horror stories of how awful some couples’ wedding day are! From rainy days and ruined cakes to disapproving monster-in-laws and food poisoning crises, needless to say, couples have a lot on their plate to help their vision come to life without anything getting in their way when the day arrives.

No matter what the fear is or thing is that may have a negative impact on a wedding day, we’re sorry to say that 2020 brides have outdone you all. They have been faced with all but the apocalypse getting in the way of their big day. Suddenly that cake stand that was too small for your cake doesn’t seem like a big issue now, does it Jessica?

Obviously there’s been some rearranging, but for brides and grooms who are still determining what will happen with their big day quickly approaching, we’ve got some options for you to still feel like you’re getting everything you want!


Yes, we know it’s a bit of a pain in the rear, but giving yourself a few extra months to a year can potentially help you and your wallet recover from the wedding. Everyone’s big day is flat out draining in all aspects of your life and bank account. When you go into your marriage, you can do so financially comfortable and stable

My friend, everything is paid for. If you and your s/o wanted the “super duper uber” package, you’re given the time to do so! You could also splurge on your DREAM honeymoon. Brides typically wind up planning their wedding day for their guests, but darling the world is giving you another chance. Plan more of the part that’s for you! Your honeymoon is where you truly get to be together (if you catch my drift). Make it the most romantic, over the top vacation you could ever dream up!

Or maybe you just simply secretly wanted a Fall or Winter wedding and the universe is telling you to just do it! Maybe you’d never considered it as an option, but now that it’s the only way a 2020 wedding seems like it’ll happen, your Pinterest boards are flooded with burgundy color schemes and Christmas tree centerpieces. That’s the universe is saying yes.

Do it Now, Celebrate Later

Often times, couples go back and forth for months to select the perfect date to be wed. Many times dates can hold sentimental value or simply seem like the day that’s meant for the two of you. That’s fine! If your heart is telling you that’s the day, then do it that day! No, I don’t mean break the law and have all 200 guests over. I mean go to the courthouse or be wed in private! Make the day about you and your lover. Then plan your public ceremony and reception (or just reception) for another day when all of this is over.

By going the the courthouse, you’re taking all the pressure off the day you two celebrate in front of family and friends. The day is just a day for you to have fun and let loose. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you two know that your real day was spent with each other. You created a little beauty in the midst of chaos by promising to love each other unconditionally in the middle of a global pandemic. So who cares if your new mother in law drinks too much or if you trip in your gown. Who cares if it’s anything like you planned?! Dance in the rain, eat cake with your hands! Because that day has so much less pressure, it’ll be all the more beautiful. Plus, who doesn’t love celebrating and getting dressed up twice?

Use Your Refunds for a Beautiful Bridal Shoot and Luxurious Vacation

You’re likely getting money back for a lot of the things you booked, be it your venue, catering, honeymoon, etc. That’s a large chunk of change to simply have on the ready. What if… maybe…. now hear me out….. you spend it on you? I know, crazy. Who would spend the money for their wedding on themselves? But think about it! Of course you’ll always want to remember the beautiful gown or tux you worse on the day you say “I do”, so make it a forever memory by hiring a stellar photographer to run around in a field or by the ocean with to capture the most amazing photos.

After that, use all of that leftover cash to treat you and your new spouse! Plan the trip of a lifetime to celebrate your new marriage! Plan a month off of work for your anniversary and travel Europe. Spend two weeks in Bali’s best hotel this November. Heck, spend Christmas week in Switzerland skiing down slopes and soaking in hot tubs. Make your celebration about you two.

I mean, heard Italy is pretty affordable this time of year.


Grab your photographer and officiant and drive away together! Just because your wedding day isn’t spent with 50,000 of your “closest” friends and family doesn’t mean it isn’t your wedding! Quarantine is teaching us and redefining what love is and means to all of us. Why not go into the mountains or forests near where you live, dress up, and make it the perfect day without all the annoying relatives asking when you’re going to have kids. I bet you’ll love it so much more than you would’ve.

All in all, this is your big day and we want you to feel like you’re getting the most out of it. I hope that maybe this change of plans may have been a blessing in disguise – whether it be because you can save more, make it about you more, or do what you want without the guilt of the guests. Just remember: everything happens for a reason and the universe only gives you what it knows you can handle. And I know that you can handle this.